Wednesday, October 26, 2011

A New Beginning

So I've been mulling over my next post... what should it be and what the heck I should talk about, then came the capture of Gaddafi - a perfect gift.

It's been five (5) days since the capture and demise of Gaddafi and his son Muttassim and I wanted take the time to watch and read the comments/reactions to how their captures were handled, as well as witness to the announcement of a Free Libya before saying anything. You might be wondering where I stand on all of this.  What does the woman who has an opinion about everything have to say?

When I woke up to the news of their capture I cried like a baby.  Finally, the tears of joy for Libya who can now say "WE ARE TRULY FREE".  Even typing it now brings tears.

I was glued to my computer all day tracking my twitter feed for any information I could get in regards to Gaddafi's status.  Upon hearing Gaddafi had died by the time he arrived in Misrata I thought it a bit odd, but again awaited information.  As news reports and videos were published showing him coherent, walking around or rather being escorted by Freedom Fighters, and a bit bloodied.  At this point you know there is a story between Sirte and Misrata.

Looking through pictures of their wounds and watching every video of different angles after Gaddafi's capture I could get my hands on, it only brought more questions. And then there it was, proof of what happened in the "In Between".

How would you expect Libyans to react after Gaddafi offered a $1,000 reward to anyone for each rape committed against women, young girls and heck, even some of the men? 42 years of a brutal Dictatorship that included unimaginable torture, imprisonment in underground cells buried several feet underground with no light very little air and as many men they could pack in there?  Some might even say it would have been better to be killed straight away, more humane.

But you and I both know we are talking about a person who had no humanity.  Gaddafi would have gladly wiped out the Libyan people only to replace them with people that would bow at his feet for a price.  Everyone has their price and the price Libya paid for Freedom was with their lives -- A pretty high price to pay if you ask me.  What are you willing to lay your life on the line for?

I may or may not agree with how Gaddafi was handled, if you know me, you know the answer to that.  I will say this about what I do believe: I celebrate no ones death. I do, however, celebrate and rejoice with Libya in their new found freedom and endless possibilities for the future of the Libyan people. Vive' Libya!

Who am I to say anything different. Unless you were forced to pick up arms, you never in your life expected you would have to, to gain the freedoms we here in the US are so willing to give up, I think we have no place to speak about how Freedom Fighters reacted.  I would stand with them any day of the the week.